Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Why Does Stuff Like This Keep Happening?


So there's the other side of the record. For those of you to young to know what a record is, Google it. The flip side is usually a collection of odd tunes that the band insisted on putting there to get songs that weren't hits on the record. That story is clearly a B side, riding on the hit single "The Wheels on the Berating Bus Driver Go #$% #$%% @#$#$!".

So here's a guy who simply walks away from a situation he feels he needs to. No berating, no yelling, no YouTube, he simply walks out the door.

What on earth could drive a man to do that? Clearly, according to the complaining passenger, he was simply "Asking" why the driver was 40 minutes late each and every day. Then, he turned to "Ask" all the passengers to call their city councilor. Nothing wrong with that, right? Just as in the Taranno case, the drivers are simply flipping out uncontrollably, no rhyme, no reason. There is no evidence to suggest that there is anything wrong here on the part of the passengers. They're simply interacting with these crazy drivers, the drivers are flipping out, and then the media shows up.  WTF, right?

I had a man flip out on me in a school parking lot because after he blocked me from turning onto the exit laneway (by driving in the middle of it) I waited for him to get on his side of the road before moving. He rolled down his window and shouted at me that I was an asshole who couldn't drive (in front of all the kids, and his own in the passenger seat).

I've had hundreds of people call me an asshole, uncool, dumbass, and I've been spit on for simply not letting them on for free. Quick, name me an industry where free service is expected upon request, and where the front line staff are verbally assaulted if they don't break the rules?

I've had all kinds of people get seriously mad when I am late, especially if it is chronic. They act as if I spend the extra time at Timmy's, despite the fact that OC Transpo has army-grade GPS tracking my every move from garage to your feet and back to garage again.

There are some pretty big issues with scheduling that prevent me from being on time. There are some very big traffic issues that prevent me from being on time as well. Has anyone actually been paying attention to the traffic patterns in this city? How much more can drivers do to keep impossible schedules such as the #5 during rush hour?

Why not just call your city councilor, and not stand up in the bus and embarrass the driver by making your announcement of his ineptness?

I mean, here's a guy, forty minutes late every night. He's likely he's got no time for any kind of a break either from his driver's seat or the maddened stares. He's stuck running from trip to trip chasing that schedule for hours, stuck in traffic and dealing with angry customers.  Your day is ending late, but you'll call your city councilor, and make sure everyone on the bus knows how late you are.

You know something? Every night that driver walks through his own door to his family after being forced to work late too, as he's done for weeks, just busting his ass to get you home late.

Yeah, I know how that feels. I only wish you could.


  1. I know exactly how this feels.

  2. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what it's like to work late. It's not something that's unique to OC Transpo operators. So wishing we knew what it feels like to stay at work late isn't necessary, because we do. What I wish is that people would realize this bus driver is just someone doing his or her job.

    The problem is that some bus riders don't respect bus drivers as individuals, and this sours some bus drivers--some of whom become surly, and simply contribute to the positive feedback cycle that continues dehumanizing operators.

    Telling a singing bus driver not to sing doesn't help this issue. It seems unrelated, but everyone knows the singing bus driver--he's an individual, not just some cog in the machine.