Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dawn Breaks

On the twenty fourth hour, go
I can hardly see the lines
I hum a bar of Even Flow
To simply pass the time

Boredom of those same old songs
My friend, that radio
Mocks me like this night is long
Or so this crisp air cold

I wander through this land of theirs
Drink it with a smile
Wonder when I'll climb the stairs
Of a home that's someday mine

Ever forward I see her break
As Dawn will show her face
With child's eye splendor she's no mistake
Just wanders to her place

Like Gemini this Dawn and I
We meet, say hello
We share a place upon the sky
But for a moment or so

We walk along a thousand miles
I let her bring me life
I breathe her air, a convincing smile
Morning, my beautiful wife

Yet evening comes and all slows down
One last glimpse she steals
And darkness sets upon a frown
We share our final meal

The day must end as does her life
And as her eyes do close
Darkness slams into the night
As I walk again alone

Our jouney may be over dear
I wish I'd made the time
To wipe away one salted tear
And kiss your hand good-bye.

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