Thursday, 19 January 2012

Email Reprint

"Just wanted to share some good news and a shout out to an OC driver.

I was southbound on Bank Street @ Flora and a woman was crossing in her mechanical wheelchair. She made the light but couldn’t get up onto the curb. The # 1 bus driver that had just arrived at the northbound stop to pick up passengers got out to help her up onto the curb and retrieve her parcels that had spilled onto the road. While he was doing this all the pedestrians and people waiting to board simply watched. A bylaw vehicle also stopped and the driver hopped out to help.

It was a #1, northbound around 4:45 and the bus # was 5022.

Just wanted you to know and if possible to give him a shout out for being a good Samaritan. I sent a “compliment” to OC using their online template too.


The above is a reprint of an email I received this afternoon. The driver's okay in my books, and a big Thangyaverymush to Mr. Brett for forwarding the story!

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