Thursday, 12 January 2012

Smoker Raises Stink

I love the title.  Smoker raises stink over bus driver

I love the whole image of a smoker "Raising a Stink". I mean, that's what they do, right? Okay, okay. Not all smokers stink, only the ones who smoke. If you smoke and don't know this, please take my word for it. Or, just ask anyone else on the planet who doesn't smoke.

What exactly is wrong with asking a person who smells to move back a little so that you can breathe? Now, this is my own personal opinion here, so don't take this as some kind of policy statement from the Company, but when a person has just finished a smoke, walked on a bus, and carried all that tobacco-ey goodness around them -with them... what on earth is wrong about asking the person to move a little further back so that you don't have to breathe in smoke while you do your job? This may come as a huge shock to smokers, but after you haul in your last toke, and flip your burning garbage on the ground where kids can pick it up but more likely WE have to pick it up, you exhale the stench of your tarring lungs mixed with lingering smoke for quite awhile! It makes me want to vomit when I smell exhaled smoke! No joke! Why do you think so many people around you move away from you when you pick your spot on the bus?

Why would a person refuse to move back, anyway? Do you really like bus drivers? Nobody likes bus drivers! We are onto you, smokezilla! You're standing up front because everyone else on the bus will make you feel awful by staring at you in their "You Stink" faces. She felt "harassed"? This, the same woman who self-admittedly had to call the Company to get an explanation of the hierarchy between people in wheelchairs and people carrying strollers? Can we get a reality check, aisle 178? Fold your stroller so the guy who can't walk can get on the bus, and just MOVE BACK! What is wrong with people? 

I've been told that I'm mostly a balanced writer, taking up many sides and putting much thought into what I write. But I have my hot-button topics like anyone else. It deeply bothers me when able-bodied parents refuse to fold up and move their strollers for folks in wheelchairs, and it deeply bothers me when people smoke like a chimney right up until the moment they board, and then blow a wad of smoke in my face until they get off the bus. 

Admittedly, I don't understand smokers, especially parent-smokers. Ten dollars a day to stink. You throw your garbage everywhere. (I mean get an ashtray, you idiots.) And then when somebody complains that you're standing close enough to them for the person to breathe in your offensive smell, you cry human rights.    

I'll tell you what: Email me your place of work. I'll show up tomorrow wearing a few freshly applied bottles of Old Spice, and I'll stand next to you for as long as you can stand it. Whenever you smoke, I'll reapply. We'll see if you last the four or five minutes you found so reasonable to inflict on the passengers of that bus.

Y'know, Rosa Parks had a real human rights issue on a bus. You on the other hand, just stink.

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  1. I think this self-absorbed person's main problem is her sense of entitlement, which showed up on the stroller incident. She believes that there are rules - they just don't apply to her. That's why she doesn't move to the back of the bus. She feels she is entitled to stand near the front door because she is only going to go a few stops, and then get off at the front door. The rule about NOT getting off the front (so that other people can get on there) doesn't apply to her. She would even give you an argument about how it is so early in the morning that hardly anybody gets on anyway. It's the same sort of person who stands at the back door instead of sitting down when there are seats available. They are getting off in a few stops so the rule about sitting doesn't apply to them. Never mind that they block people who are getting off sooner.

    Drivers should feel free to point out the sign that says you have to get off at the rear door. Never mind the smell issue - it is about following the rules about standing and disembarking. In fact, the smell isn't even the issue because other passengers will have to put up with the stinker.