Sunday, 4 March 2012

One Million Morons

Okay, here's the disclaimer. I'm about to Go There. This is my opinion, this is not strictly a transit blog. Yes I drive a bus, yes I frequently write about my job doing that,  no my company does not pay me to write this. Therefore, by reading on, you consent to the knowledge that I am stating my personal opinions about issues that matter to me. You know where the red X is, hit it now if you are a bigot.

I'll preface this by telling you that this blog entry was inspired by a passenger that I was trapped with for approximately 20 minutes. You don't need to know any more than this: This person made a few statements about a person crossing the street in front of my bus, and proceeded to lecture me on the evils of homosexuals.

Usually a writer would start off by stating his own sexual orientation. I wont, because in 2012, it's irrelevant.

If you don't live under a rock, you've likely heard of "One Million Moms"... a right-wing movement that purports itself to be a shield to the eyes of the poor American children from the evils of homosexuality. They want to protect you from Ellen, and the evils of JC Penny who carry her swag. Ellen is openly gay, and therefore is evil. Right? They don't want you to confuse a successful entertainer/actress with her own syndicated show, a decorated acting career, and a record of selfless philanthropy with a role model. Oh good lord no. Women were meant to do what the Bible says. And to make websites that organize other women to teach their children to hate.

"One Million". Sounds big. Really big. In actuality, they have far less than one million, but hey, who can count without opposable thumbs, right? The number commands attention, and makes it sound more credible. If the name were say, Seventy-Eight Moms, the media likely leaves the story alone. If the number was Sixty Nine Moms, we'd all have to play air guitar when we said their name. Can't have that. Originally, the name was rejected because of the "Big O" in the title. Can't have those either.

"Moms". Sounds respectable. Moms rule, right? Moms have your best interests at heart. Moms make cookies. Moms wipe noses. Moms help with homework. And now, moms hate homos. It's all logical, trust them.

If the name reflected the reality of the organization, it would more likely be called "A Couple Thousand Sexually Repressed Bigots". It doesn't have quite the same caché, but the sentiment is the same. This little organization is a "Ministry" of the American Family Association. The AFA has anti-gay campaigns running all over the country, and they have their hands in absolutely everything.  Here's a HANDOUT from their website lamenting Home Depot's decision to support THEIR CUSTOMERS. It's hilarious. What is the AFA doing in the breakrooms of Home Depot? Did they think the sign out front read Home Despot?

When did this kind of bigotry become so mainstream anyway? Dedicated organizations. Church support. Even the everyday lexicon of bigotry has changed. What exactly does "Homophobia" mean? You're afraid of gay people? That word was created as a justification of the bigotry. It's not even close to being accurate. It's simple newspeak that validates the hatred as some kind of affliction, like agoraphobia, or a fear of heights. It makes the bigot seem justified, and not to blame. It is a passive aggressive slur, plain and simple. Call it what it is. You are bigoted against homosexuals.

At what point in your life do you come to the conclusion that you, specifically YOU, have the knowledge, insight, and the absolute right to tell two people how they can love each other? What fucking arrogance.

How is it that these so-called "Moms" would rather see an orphaned child be dumped from foster home to foster home rather than be placed with two same sex parents who would provide stability, love, and a real home? Are they seriously worried that the kid will "catch" gay? Why are these moms so worried about the bedroom of others? Is there really much threat in the monogamous union of two people, whatever they may be?

Oh but homosexuality will undermine civilization, according to (I'm sorry, who?) Kirk Cameron. Ah, lil Mike Sever weighs in. Kirk has six kids, and apparently no idea how overpopulation has undermined many more civilizations than homosexuality. Just saying.

I'm tired of hatred and bigotry. Our lives are too short for all of this garbage. When I wrote about the Hubley kid, and how distraught I was that such bigotry exists here in Ottawa, I never once thought that an organization could exist solely for purpose of making gay people hurt. And they'll justify their bigotry with Bibles and quotes like "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!". Ha ha ha... So clever. Next time you hear that line, ask "Hey, didn't Jesus have two fathers?". Watch the blood leave their face.

Or they'll tell you they don't have a problem with gay people, "But if one ever hit on me..." As if all gay folks are trolling the local bar scene looking for you to change jerseys. Get a grip y'old stud. You're not that great to begin with.

I may not understand much about religion, but I'd like to offer what absolutely I'm sure of.

The Bible doesn't teach you how to hate people, and your God isn't taking attendance at One Million Moms meetings.

So do us all a favour and teach your kids how to love before you teach them how to hate. At least then they'll have the tools to recognize stupidity when they see it.

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    Biblicism, or Bibliolotry poses a serious challenge to the 21st century way of thinking. Some religious folks just don't seem to understand that the Bible is culturally and historically framed. We don't force women to marry their rapists anymore, nor do we stone people to death for extra-marital sex. God is love, and his love extends to all. Ironically, if we withhold our love from even just one person, God is lost to us.

    Hating on GLBT people is one of the very last forms of bigotry still finding a place in the western world. Hopefully not for very much longer. All it takes sometimes is for a family member or loved one to "come out." Then all of a sudden, "they," those gay people, become "us."

    One time a friend of mine set up an imaginary scenario to see what my reaction would be. He told me to imagine that one day my adult son who is now only 7 comes home with something weighing terribly on his heart. He sits me down and tells me that he has something to tell me and he doesn't know how. The anguish is obvious on his face and I begin to worry about what I am about to hear. Finally he gets up the courage to tell me, "dad, I am gay." My friend, who I would describe as being not very comfortable at all with GLBT people, (that puts it mildly) then asked me what would I as a religious man say to that? I told him that I would look at my son and say, "You're gay? Are you serious? Is that it? That is what has been weighing on you so heavily? That's it? PHEW! What a relief!!! I thought you were going to tell me your were dying! I would hug my son, and tell him then as I have always told him, that I love him, that I am proud of him, and nothing, NOTHING will or could ever change that.

    drivesincircles, you are an awesome writer. You have a gift...