Monday, 30 April 2012

Cleaning House

Just when we thought it was safe to start complaining about our jobs again...

There aren't just major changes at your transit company these days, there is a revolution of new thought wiping the decks clean.

At first glance, blue collars are both surprised and in many cases quite happy to see a total overhaul of the once rancid relationship between the front line and the top floor. From the Operations standpoint, this was a rumour on the wishlist that seemed to grow legs, run a little, then deflate again over the past month or so. Drivers really didn't seem to like Blackstone whatsoever.

Glancing now, drivers are impressed with Manconi's recent house cleaning.

While I don't really want to comment on the managers themselves, as I have had no meaningful dealings with any of them, and I really don't like to see people fired, I'll offer the following thought on today's events.

Has there ever been such an outright example of the commission's distaste for Alain Mercier's transit vision than what has transpired today? Operations. Security. Marketing. Customer Service. Technology. All gone. Manconi hasn't just replaced a General Manager, he has wiped out the entire braintrust of his predecessor, and with it any of the previous luggage left over from The Time That Shall Go Unnamed.

Well, I wanted a new vision at OC Transpo. One centered around customer service, accessible service, and people-first initiatives... and here's a blank canvas to draw on.

I know a few of you union brothers and sisters read this stuff.  If you want to improve things for your membership, now's the time. Management is all ears.

I've long said that the only way to sway the public in our favour is to start with the union's commitment to our profession. Our best negotiating is done from behind the wheels of our buses. A clientele that is happy with us doesn't support the punitive actions of a mayor like Larry O'Brien. They would support us if we treated them like they deserve to be treated.

If you don't have any idea how that improves our jobs, then just come ride my bus for an afternoon. Customers on my bus make my day better, because of how I treat them. Happy customers should be the goal of anyone who calls themself a professional. Any program that management wants to initiate centered around customer service lies in our court, for us to implement. We have a four year deal in place. Time to put that focus on what's important, and heal our relationship with our customers.

We have union elections coming up in June. Let's look for and support candidates that understand these simple principles.

I think the Commission has started the bus rolling. It's up to us to steer it.

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