Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Details Are Public


The highlights of the tentative deal between ATU 279 and the City of Ottawa have been released.

ATU has published the highlights online here: www.atu279.ca

I won't comment on the full details as I know them, but my optimism from yesterday seems justified. Once the ratification vote has taken place, and the full language has been released to the media, I can comment further.

Thanks to all that emailed me your questions and requests Yes, I felt it necessary to stress the importance of getting this deal into the hands of the membership right away. Yes, I do want a long term deal ratified. No, that doesn't mean I'm lobbying for a "Yes" vote.

To the anonymous emailer: Everything in this blog is my opinion. These are my thoughts, my words. If you would like a different opinion, read somebody else's blog. If I wrote it differently, I would be lying. I respect all opinions, but do not return emails centred around insults and name-calling. That's all I will write about that.

Kudos to the negotiating committee, on both sides. I am impressed, and hopeful.

*small edit here... There has been some talk about the fact that the vote on this contract is now scheduled on the same day as the bylaw vote I wrote about in a previous post. Drivers, do the math here. This doesn't mean two votes to drive to. There can now be one property vote with two ballots. This saves you money, and ensures the bylaw vote gets a higher turnout than it would if it were *just a bylaw vote. Hitched to this wagon, the bylaw vote now gets a proper number number of ballots cast to reflect the membership's wishes... instead of the usual poor turnout.

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