Thursday, 24 May 2012

Racial Profiling?

The above article could very well be about the fact that Metro newspapers print their dailies on the freshly clubbed skins of baby seals, if I stated to one of their reporters that I felt that was true. And why not? I wouldn't need any actual facts to back it up, would I?

An editor should be embarrassed to run garbage like that, but the juxtaposition of the 50+ Metro newspapers touting that headline on the floor of every 95 in the city is just too salacious to pass up, I guess.

 Racial profiling is such a tarnishing accusation.

So the story reads that a man tried to use an expired U-Pass to provide proof of payment on a city bus. Now, we're not talking about a pass that had expired a few days ago. We're talking 23 days expired, meaning he had been using the service without paying for it for 23 days. His defense? Ignorance. He had no idea that the pass was expired, despite the clear indications on the pass itself that state in bold letters that the pass is valid from September 1st 2011 to April 30th 2012.

A University student, no less. Higher education. Heading to a study group before an exam on criminology. One might infer that a criminology student is heading towards a career involving policing of some sort. Best brush up on those powers of observation.

As if that's not strange enough, he then accused the company of racial profiling, as if his race factored into the fine he received.

I expect that fare evaders all feel treated somewhat poorly by fare inspectors. There is no fun way to hand someone a fine for breaking a law. You must remain authoritative, and you must treat each fare evader with the same response. Any person with this guy's excuse deserves a fine, and a stern lecture on ignorance.

But to accuse the company of racial profiling is absolute nonsense. Apparently he hasn't noticed the demographic of the folks working here, or the folks we serve on a daily basis. Get off the high horse pal. You got caught. Pay your fine, or explain your ignorance to a judge. Metro may buy that garbage, but I doubt our regular passengers do.

While a fare inspector might confiscate your U-Pass card, I'm asking our regular riders to confiscate this whiner's race card. If you know us better, then speak up. We're good people. Even the ones that hand out the fines.

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