Saturday, 23 June 2012

ATU 279 Elects New Executive -For Drivers-

The results are in, and there are some major changes to your executive board at ATU local 279.

Craig Watson replaces Gary Quaele as president. Craig has been a very active brother over the past few years on the scheduling file. His most noteworthy contributions center around ensuring each and every docket fell within the parameters of the collective agreement, a daunting and time hungry task. During the strike, Craig was the person who "took over" most of the media scrums after Andy Cornellier had his famous meltdown with CTV news. Craig is well respected within the membership, well spoken, and a fairly level headed person. We expect to see his scheduling expertise translated into a much more focused dialogue between management and the union. Craig is capable of providing workable solutions to complex scheduling issues, and is respected by both the membership and managers alike.

Sharon Bow replaces Mike Aldrich as your Vice President. Sharon is best known for her relentless volunteer work within the community. Besides running the Cheers program, Sharon has put countless hours into our physical fitness through the WRF program and the Silverside Grill. Without Sharon's efforts, the WRF would likely have been scrapped by the city long ago. In addition to her volunteer work, I am told that Sharon does not have a penchant for writing amateurish press releases fraught with grammar bombs and childish accusations. (Was that too Catty?)

Yogi Sharma remains as Assistant Business Agent. Yogi ran a good campaign, and has served the local well for many years now.

Guy Crete replaces Jim Haddad as Secretary Treasurer. Guy is a well liked as a trustworthy and respected member.

Steve Parent, Rick potvin, Dan Drouin, and Clint Crabtree are the four elected grievance officers.

Hopefully this new executive will help restore the trust of the membership that had been lost over the past few years. There are no surprises in this election. Most of the membership I spoke with were anxious to see change. The vote has reflected that wish.


  1. Good to have some new blood with any bargaining unit. A union is only good as the people defending its members.

  2. We have seen some positive change with management and union leadership. Too bad about the city hall component.