Saturday, 27 October 2012

One Year Later

"Thanks for not forgetting me, man."

A line taken from Kelly Egan's recent column on the so-called "Berating Bus Driver"

The 57 year old bus driver is struggling to reestablish himself as he approaches retirement age. Despite his own personal issues on that night, with his mom and ex wife passing away recently, and having been sent home 2 days earlier after a kid spat in his face over a fare dispute, The 25 year veteran lost his temper on another type of passenger, that well known confrontational type. The professional aggravator.

So one year later, thanks to Kelly Egan, we know what the fired bus driver is up to. His life in shambles, still fighting to be able to convert a 25 year career into a retirement income so that he doesn't have to wash dishes or guard buildings at 70 to make ends meet. Click the link above and read the column if you haven't already. Now that your temper's calmed down about him, do you still want the man fired outright? Would a suspension have been more appropriate? I think so. But then again, I knew the driver. I'm admittedly biased.

So what of the passenger? The victim of the tirade?

Still up to the same old stuff. Check out his YouTube Channels at

He's a pretty good actor as you can see from his videos. In a small space with good acoustics, I think he brings out a certain type of character that most people would really like to connect with. He has that perfect combination of vocal projection, voice changes, and random actions that you want in an actor, especially at night on a city bus.

Really brings out the emotion in you, doesn't it?

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