Friday, 16 November 2012

Double Decker Two Tiered Solution

The double decker fumes problem seems to have been tracked down. It took a little nudging from city council, and a great manager at OC Transpo, but Alexander Dennis is going to fix the problem.

I just received an email (via this blog) from the city explaining the problem, and the solution to it.

Cause of incident:  Failure of gasket seals on engine exhaust manifold that occurred during extreme operating temperatures during emissions control regeneration process. 

Corrective action, interim measure; disable engine REGEN function.  Permanent solution; replace all gasket seals on the engine exhaust manifold. 

Repairs to be completed by 19 Nov 2012. 

Now it needs to be stated that this is not a widespread problem requiring massive overhaul of the entire fleet complete with a judicial inquiry. A few operators complained about brand new vehicles, a very common occurrence. New vehicles have glitches. This is not just common, it is expected.

To be perfectly honest, I had expected the source of fumes to be more along the lines of off-gassing of curing paints and plastics that new buses are commonly plagued with than exhaust fumes. Sensitivities are often high with the results of fast-curing paints and plastics. The "New Bus Smell" is quite bothersome after a few hours.

I must say that I am quite pleased with the city's response, and the action taken to identify and rectify a problem that may have gone overlooked in the same way that this problem has been overlooked in other cities.

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