Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Jack's Back... On Wheels

Every few weeks or so, I get an email about Jack.


Where we last left the story, Greg the driver had spearheaded the campaign to get Jack a new bike. A driver, Abdullah, donated a bike. Not just a dust bucket in the shed, a good, decent bike.

Then there were a few speed bumps. The first problem was a distinct lack of Jack. Greg carried that bike around the city for a few weeks, but never saw Jack. We all kept asking Greg what happened, but Jack was nowhere to be found.

After a month or so, the bike wound up locked up at a transitway station, awaiting its new owner as soon as Greg ran into Jack. Jack had gone AWOL, and of course, the bike was vandalized. That's what happens to nice people.

To see Greg, you'd think this guy would be at home in a biker bar. He's a black tee-shirt kinda guy. Leather. Bearded. Music junkie. Greg is the kind of guy that has a favorite song by Tool, and might think less of you if you didn't. He might not even want to know you if you couldn't name one.

You might judge him by appearance, as you might judge Jack by appearance, but Greg has a huge heart. And more importantly, Greg gets it. We are all part of a family here at OC Transpo. We take care of each other. There are many stories like this one.

And what about Jack? Jack's not a driver, but we take care of him too. Right is right, and Jack's an alright guy. The drivers have his back.

So Greg had a problem. He had a bike that he wanted to give to Jack to replace his stolen bike, but now it needed repair.

Enter: Bushtuka.

They were about as good a company to Greg as a company can be, and went well beyond what most companies would do to help someone out. They took Greg at his word, and did something very special. They fixed up the bike, free of charge.

We live in an awesome city. Thank you Bushtuka.

Now get in there and buy something.

So after an entire winter of Greg the bus driver hoarding the bike in his shed, another driver, Kelly, ran into Jack and took down his contact info. She posted a note on a local driver's forum, and got Greg back in touch with Jack.

I'm proud to work with these people. These drivers that care about each other, and our passengers. I'm proud to live in a city where a company like Bushtuka would step up like they did.

I'm proud to serve in a city that makes things right sometimes.


  1. I was just thinking I need some hiking boots. I was going to hit the mall, but you know, I think I'll hop on the #2 on Saturday and see what they've got at Bushtukah.

  2. I saw Jack on Catherine today... moments after reading this. I recognized the bike and the lock before I realized who it was. I don't believe Jack has ever been on my bus.

  3. Great story! I heard it broadcast on CBC's Ottawa Morning radio show on Friday, Apr 19th. Now I've shared the story on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=640748359276065&id=247697285247843. OC Transpo bus drivers may never have heard of "freecycling", but this is truly in the best freecycling spirit.